Toy Horse's Wildly Detailed Dick Freaks Out Internet

This toy horse comes fully equipped with a wildly detailed dick and balls combo.

Horse toy
Image via @atbobb
Horse toy

You know why human existence is such a drag? We rarely take the time to give our toy horses the detailed genitalia recreations they deserve. Canadian toy company Battat, however, is bravely leading the way:

Twitter master @atbobb, who reportedly calls truest detective Ray Velcoro "daddy," first shared the detailed toy horse penis and balls combo Wednesday. As expected, the internet promptly devoured the spectacle before Mashable and many others spent actual time actually writing about it because, well, news!

For clarity's sake, don't get it twisted: the comparable lion and zebra toys do not possess such dicks:

Though Battat has apparently been producing penis-armed horses since at least 2014, that hasn't stopped everyone from losing every ounce of their respective shit over this particular horse organ:

And what, exactly, are the rewards of a rocking the hell out of a viral toy horse dick pic? ALL the money, apparently:

Can't wait to buy a ton of these for X-mas gifts later this year.

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