Not only are American political leaders largely full of shit in the metaphorical sense, but sometimes they’re also adjacent to it in literal form.

As you’ve likely seen smeared across your timeline in recent days, tabloid outlet Page Six reported on Monday that Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton were both in the house at the Shubert Theater last week seeing the Broadway show Some Like It Hot when (allegedly) a defecation incident involving another patron occurred.

Monday’s report cites sources with slightly differing accounts of the alleged fecal development. While one source said this was a first, a different source claimed that this has happened in the past., with this particular incident marking the fourth such instance.

Though it’s not clarified whether either Clinton noticed the feces, the tabloid whisperings posit that the waste was spotted “in the aisle just near” the two when the lights came up for intermission. Staff at the venue are said to have promptly cleaned up the mess, with both Clintons said to have stuck around to finish the show. As for who was responsible, that has also not been confirmed; one source, however, claimed an “elderly person” in the audience may have been to blame as part of a “sad accident.” Others, as noted above, seemingly suggested the behavior was more intentional in nature.

Complex has reached out to the Shubert Theater for comment. This story may be updated, though it seems highly unlikely that anyone would ever issue an official statement on something like this.