Rudy Giuliani's Son Is Running for Governor of New York

Andrew Giuliani, whose father was recently made the subject of a federal raid, believes his lack of public office experience isn't an issue for voters.


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Andrew Giuliani, whose father was recently the subject of a federal raid, is running for governor of New York.

On Tuesday, Giuliani—whose father was also recently featured in a particularly discomfortingBorat Subsequent Moviefilm moment—added “candidate: 57th governor of New York” to his Twitter bio. He’s also expected to make a formal announcement later on Tuesday.

A report from the New York Post, meanwhile, sees Giuliani—whose father once married a second cousin—claiming he was a “politician out of the womb.” Elsewhere in his comments, per the Post, Giuliani—whose father was recently among those sued by the NAACP over the fatal Capitol riot—likened a race between himself and current New York governor Andrew Cuomo to a fight between Ali and Frazier.

“We can sell tickets at Madison Square Garden,” he said.

Giuliani, notably, has never before run for a public office. Previously, he served as an aide to ex-POTUS Donald Trump. He is also known to play golf.

Earlier this week, attorneys for Andrew Giuliani’s father Rudy responded to the April raid of his home and office, claiming that their client is “a distinguished lawyer” who was now being treated like “the head of a drug cartel or a terrorist.”

Back in January, Andrew Giuliani’s father was sued for $1.3 billion over false election claims. The defamation suit was brought by Dominion Voting Systems, the voting hardware and software company that makes the equipment utilized in presidential elections. Rudy, the suit argued, peddled “demonstrably false” allegations against Dominion that resulted in harassment and death threats for employees.

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