‘Pink Sauce’ Viral Condiment Is Inspiring Impassioned Reactions on TikTok and Beyond

The pink-colored sauce has become a hot topic all across social media, with some praising the sauce and others questioning its very existence.

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The increasingly ubiquitous “Pink Sauce” has been a staple on TikTok for some time now, with predictably formulated articles having popped up this week as, presumably, part of an unspoken effort to grab some stray traffic while the viral condiment remains at the center of the culinary conversation.

In short, in the rare event that all of this is new info for you and yours, @chef.pii on TikTok (also known as “the Flavor Genie” on Instagram) has been sharing clips of the sauce in action for weeks now by showing it being utilized as a flavor-tweaking additive to various food items, including several of the fast-focused variety (i.e. McDonald’s, Wingstop, Chick-fil-a, etc.).

Chef Pii, per an official website, is a private chef whose love of “expressional artist”-style cuisine is said to stem from her upbringing, specifically her grandmother’s “southern style of cooking.” As for the pink-colored sauce, demand for the product has grown alongside its consistent presence in social media-shared reviews and elsewhere, and so too has the level of passion seen in those either voicing praise for the unique condiment or questioning everything from its ingredients to how it was delivered when ordered.

A site has been set up for the much-discussed topping, which goes for $20, with ingredients for the “secret sauce” listed as including (in part) sunflower seed oil, dragon fruit, chili, honey, garlic, pink Himalayan sea salt, and milk.


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As a sign of just how popular the sauce has become, not to mention the discourse surrounding it, Chef Pii spoke with Today this week about criticisms she’s received, including for a labeling error in an early batch and general health concerns. In the interview, Pii noted that production has currently been “paused” and stated that customers’ health remains a top priority as work continues toward a larger rollout for the sauce.

The recent Pink Sauce chatter was also the subject of an extended video statement shared to YouTube, as seen below. 

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