Relentless Mosquitoes Reportedly Delay Flight, Video Shows Crew Battling Swarm With Spray (UPDATE)

Yet another example of the inherent uncomfortableness of air travel has arrived, this time featuring bugs.

a bug enjoys a meal
a bug enjoys a meal

UPDATED 10/18, 7:40 a.m. ET: Volaris has now addressed the viral footage showing mosquitoes on a recent flight from Guadalajara to Mexico City.

In a statement shared via email, a rep for the airline said the “atypical event” was caused by circumstances “beyond the control” of the company. The rep also detailed the type of spray seen being used in the viral clip, as well as responded to reports regarding the flight’s delay.

“After the information in media about the presence of mosquitoes on Volaris flight 221, Guadalajara - Mexico City flight on October 6th, the airline reports that given the increase in the presence of these insects in the cabin, once boarding was completed and the airplane cabin door was closed, the airline staff sprayed insecticide for aeronautical use with the aim of disinfecting the cabin, controlling the situation and guaranteeing a comfortable flight for our Clients. In this sense, the flight crew did not receive any complaints from Customers. 

It should be noted that this special product is certified and safe for human health. 

This atypical event was due to a situation beyond the control of the airline, due to its origin in the conditions of the Guadalajara International Airport, which has water bodies close to the terminal building, which causes an increase in the presence of this type of insects. 

To mitigate this situation, the Guadalajara airport constantly fumigates, in addition to Volaris airline, following the protocol for these cases, applies the aeronautical insecticide prior to the boarding and, if necessary, the crew applies it again before the flight. 

Volaris informs that the delay recorded on this flight was not related to the previously mentioned situation but rather was a delay previously scheduled by PO.”

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If you’ve ever thought whilst crammed into a profoundly overpriced plane seat next to a chronic snorer and a wailing baby "this experience is so stupendously awful that we might as well throw a swarm of goddamn mosquitoes into the mix," this story’s for you.

Passengers on a recent Volaris Airlines flight traveling from Guadalajara to Mexico City ultimately saw their departure time delayed by roughly two and a half hours due to some relentless mosquito-ing, per a report from USA Today. Footage of the incident, shared by Storyful this week after being captured by passenger Elizabeth Esmeralda Minjarez Corona, shows flight attendants inundating the craft with insect repellent spray.

A Volaris flight traveling within Mexico from Guadalajara to Mexico City on Friday, October 6, was delayed by more than two hours due to a mosquito infestation, local media reported.

— Storyful (@Storyful) October 11, 2023

As the cloud of spray builds, passengers can be heard reacting to the winged hitchhikers, who apparently didn't cease their well-orchestrated annoyance until the lights went down.

Originally slated for departure at 4:30 p.m. local time last Thursday, the plane didn't take to the skies until just before 7:00 p.m. Complex has reached out to Volaris Airlines for comment. This story may be updated.

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This story pairs nicely with another recent horror story of the air travel variety. Just last month, I was tasked with typing out the phrase "pervasive diarrhea" when reporting on a story involving actual shit.

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