Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Clowned Over Interviewing Purported 'Nevada Poll Worker'

Laura Ingraham carried on an entire televised conversation with someone who claimed to be a poll worker, and whose face was darkened and voice obscured.

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Even by Fox News' famously low standards, this latest act of Fox Newsery is shark-jumpingly stupid.

Network personality Laura Ingraham, as seen in widely mocked footage on Wednesday, actually carried on an entire televised conversation with a purported "Nevada poll worker" who was cloaked in dark lighting. Adding to the ludicrousness of it all was the fact that this "poll worker" had apparently requested for her voice to be disguised, all while relaying a nonsensical story about happening upon a "Biden van" while on a lunch break.

Going through the effort of transcribing any of the clip in question simply isn't worth my (or your) time. For what it's worth, which is nothing, the gist of the ludicrousness is that this "poll worker" is part of Trump's continued efforts to undermine faith in the election results.

Anyway, here's a bunch of people taking the piss, one of the few joys we have left in 2020:

My sister has become a complete and total wackadoo! @IngrahamAngle

— Curtis Ingraham (@CurtisIngraham1) November 11, 2020

This is the first time Laura Ingraham ever treated a black person with respect.

— The Volatile Mermaid (@OhNoSheTwitnt) November 11, 2020

Last seen parked at the MGM. If anyone has info, please contact Laura Ingraham, and collect your $1,000,000 from Dan Patrick.

— Tony (@TileTony) November 11, 2020

Laura Ingraham landing that Pulitzer Prize interview tonight

— Thrill Hill (@ThrillWHill) November 11, 2020

Big scoop tonight on Laura Ingraham’s show from an anonymous whistleblower.

— Mike Beauvais (@MikeBeauvais) November 11, 2020

In an age where literally everybody has a mobile device, if this (lol) “whistleblower” circled this van multiple times then perhaps video footage would have been more compelling than making a “mental note of it”. I don’t believe mental notes stand up in court..? @IngrahamAngle

— Lou-creature (@shineharveymoon) November 11, 2020

Last week, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford noted that the Trump team's repeated claims (without actual evidence) of voter fraud amounted to rubbish.

"This six-page complaint they filed late last night is, in a word: garbage," Ford told CBS last week.

For more on Trump's refusal to acknowledge his own defeat, including how his own wishes for Supreme Court intervention differ greatly from Bush v. Gore in 2000, peep this.

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