Former VP Joe Biden was elected the 46th POTUS, defeating failed steak salesman and prolific scourge Donald J. Trump in his efforts to become a two-term president.

In his victory speech over the weekend, Biden looked ahead at his and VP-elect Kamala Harris’ White House era as a potential moment of healing for America. He also urged a halt on the “harsh rhetoric” that has come to define the nation over the past four years, stating now is the time to “lower the temperature” in the name of greater progress.

“We are not enemies,” Biden said. “We are Americans.”

For Trump and his usual cast of cronies, however, news of Biden’s win has been met with a depressingly on-brand marathon of efforts aimed at undermining faith in the voting process while promoting what boils down to an inflammatory and dangerous alternate reality in which Trump's re-election was actually successful despite no evidence supporting such a thing.

Below, we attempt to make sense of what the f*ck is going on with Trump's response to an impending Biden presidency.