Trump Reportedly Bought Food for No One After Yelling ‘Food for Everyone!’ at Miami Restaurant

Trump, a man of many words, strung together three notable ones at a restaurant in Miami this week. But at what cost?

trump is seen trumping
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trump is seen trumping

When you hear the phrase “food for everyone,” what do you imagine? Food, for starters, likely comes to mind. Something vaguely edible, at least. Nourishing, perhaps. Delicious, most preferably. The qualifier of “for everyone” would further suggest the availability of such items is not only imminent, but also being done at a scale that will include every single person in the vicinity of whoever’s making the promise.

There’s also an unspoken element of saying this type of shit, namely that it strongly implies that no one will be tasked with the annoyance of having to pay for what’s being promised; otherwise, why say “food for everyone” at all? Is the person simply pointing out that food, in a general sense, is "for everyone?" Or are they just saying shit for the fuck of it?

Enter Donald Trump, who is seen in the embedded footage below shouting out this exact phrase at famed Miami-based Cuban restaurant Versailles. Trump was in town to plead not guilty after being hit with multiple felony counts in connection with allegations of illegally keeping classified documents in his possession.

"Food for everyone!" the former president and failed steak hawker told those at the restaurant.

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According to a report from the Miami New Times' Laine Doss, however, the statement proved less than prescient. Citing a “knowledgeable source,” the publication said the 77-year-old was at the restaurant for roughly 10 minutes, meaning there was “no time for anyone to eat anything, much less place an order.”

Then again, maybe Trump was just testing out a new campaign slogan—“Food for everyone!”—that’s set to be bolstered by the relaunch of Trump Steaks in 2024. There’s no evidence to suggest this, of course, and this is most assuredly not true. But what does that matter? In the post-truth era ushered in by Trump himself, “food for everyone!” can mean whatever someone wants it to mean.

Food for everyone, dignity for no one. It’s gonna be a great 2024!

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