Doctor Says Taking Weed Via Butt Is More Effective Than Smoking

For better absorption, one doctor recommends taking one's medical weed rectally instead of smoking or eating it.

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Rectal weed is all the rage. Well, according to the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University's medical director, it should be. Speaking with the National Postthis week regarding Canada's moves toward more marijuana friendliness, Dr. Mikhail Kogan said that proper absorption of weed's beneficial attributes is more easily attained when one utilizes the rectum.

"Rectally is actually a lot more preferred because of the volume of absorption," Kogan told the Post Sunday. "You can put a lot more and it gets absorbed a lot better, but not everybody is open to this way of administration." Simply smoking, Kogan added, "in my opinion is very archaic and has very little clinical applicability."

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Under the tongue, Kogan told the Post, is also more effective than a simple smoke for medical purposes. For those who prefer to eat their weed via savory edibles, he offered this claim: Gastric acids can apparently interfere with absorption. Still, Kogan conceded that "the majority of people" probably still opt for smoking.

Though a weed bill is due in parliament later this year, Bloombergreported Tuesday that other obstacles lie ahead for those anticipating a recreational boom. "We will take as much time as it takes to do it right," Bill Blair, the dude helming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's legalization effort, said. "I'm pretty reluctant to suggest a specific time frame, frankly, because I don't know how long this will take in each of our 10 provinces and three territories."

Meanwhile, back in the States, we now have an attorney general who believes "good people don't smoke marijuana."

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