The legal marijuana industry has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last several years (as of the November election, 26 states and Washington D.C. have legalized weed in some way), which means there are plenty of jobs and tons of money to be made from working in cannabis. While outsiders may think of marijuana as an industry run by chill stoners, the reality is, like any other multi-billion dollar industry, the world of weed is comprised of corporate types, startup entrepreneurs, and retail pros (and yes, there are plenty of chill stoners, too).

As big as the industry is getting (there were 100,000 people employed in legal weed as of April 2016), it’s still very much in its baby stages, which means there’s a lot of opportunity for businesses to grow, and for new businesses to take root. Marijuana is a lifestyle and passion for many, which is leading all sorts of people to jump ship on their existing careers to make a name for themselves during the “green rush.”

Complex spoke with three people who walked away from established careers in booze, tech, and fashion to test the bong waters of the weed industry. Here’s what they had to say: