Failed Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Believes Rich People and Poor People Are 'in the Same Boat'

If the boat is sinking, then sure. Maybe you have a point.

Ben Carson
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Ben Carson

Perpetual sayer of idiotic things Ben Carson added more idiocy to the idiot pile Wednesday. During the Hill's so-called Newsmaker Series event Wednesday, the failed presidential candidate expressed his belief that rich and poor people are "in the same boat" and also had the audacity to call us all "stupid."

"When I first came, a lot of people said, 'But you're a doctor so you can't possibly know anything about housing, how can you possibly run HUD?'" Carson, who's somehow the current U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), said Wednesday. "You know, people are so stupid. I kinda liken it to the CEO of a large medical center."

Carson then cited what he felt were adequate examples, including the Mayo Clinic and the Children's National Health System, whose CEOs may not know about disease and surgery "but they have a lot of people who do know about those things" beneath them.

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Carson, who also gave a Puerto Rico recovery timeline of "between one and 100" years Wednesday, later delivered his latest assessment of poverty and wealth in the U.S. "Rich people, poor people, people in the middle—we're all in the same boat," Carson said, according toDeath and Taxes.

This isn't the first time Carson has made a perplexing remark about poverty in the States. Back in May, Carson said that poverty "to a large extent" was a "state of mind."

Of course, this is the same guy who got stuck in a goddamn elevator to the enjoyment of much of the nation earlier this year. Carson also recently got fully flamed by Rep. Al Green. Enjoy that below.

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