Apple Looking Into iPhone 8 Plus ‘Splitgate’ Claims

A rotary phone would never.

Image via Getty/Tomohiro Ohsumi

People fucking love using gate as a suffix. Today in gate-gate culture, we have some claims popping up under the #splitgate hashtag alleging that iPhone 8 Plus devices are capable of splitting apart while connected to official Apple-branded chargers.

According to the Daily Dot, an iPhone owner in Taiwan claimed their device split open while charging after just five days of use. The device, according to the claim, "started to swell" after three minutes on the charger. A second iPhone owner in Japan made a similar claim, alleging that his device arrived "split open" in the packaging.


In separate statements to the Dot and Mashable, Apple confirmed only that they were aware of these claims and "looking into" the possible issue. No specifics were offered. If the claims are accurate, one possible cause of device-splitting would be a manufacturing defect causing an overheated battery to swell and eventually damage its encasement.

Previously, Apple had to calm down bending fears after bendgate became a bit of a nuisance following the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

To be fair, the number of these alleged splitgate incidents remains low. We should also mention that some people, possibly misguided Android devotees, just enjoy making repeated attempts at disparaging humanity's holiest creation, the iPhone.

Apple did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.

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