Angry Bagel Man Shares More Unneeded Thoughts on Misogyny, Racism, and Homophobia

You might know him from his work at Bagel Boss, where he famously received a tackling.

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A man known mostly, or perhaps solely, for getting angry on camera during a bagel transaction is now the subject of TMZ fodder.

Indeed, though we certainly shouldn't care about additional comments from the guy, the ALL CAPS-favoring publication caught the bagel man in question—Chris Morgan—out in New York City and got him to speak a few things into the camera, including more of the misogyny present in the viral bagel takedown video.

Asked outright if he considers himself misogynistic, Morgan expressed confusion as to the definition of that word.

"What does that mean? Like, egotistical?" he said, before being given a definition by the camera team. Ultimately, Morgan said, he feels negatively toward "most" women.

From there, for some reason, Morgan was asked similar questions about racism and homophobia. 

"Gays don't bother me, I can hang out with them," he said when asked about homophobia. "Just don't touch me, especially in the private parts."

As for racism, Morgan admitted he uses the N-word but still somehow doesn't consider himself racist.

"No, I have black friends," he said. "Now, if somebody upsets me and he happens to be black or steals from me, then that word comes out of my mouth. I'm not gonna lie."

Speaking on the viral bagel anger video, specifically the authenticity of it and other YouTube clips of him, Morgan disputed such assessments of veracity. If watching such a thing is your cup of bagel-flavored tea, then you can do exactly that at the top of this page.

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