15 Powerful Women In the Weed Industry

From researchers to lawyers to viral stars, here's a list of 15 women pioneering the marijuana industry.


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Despite Donald Trump's devastating Election Day win that put most of the country into a tailspin, cannabis supporters had one to celebrate this year, as eight states legalized weed for medicinal or recreational use. But as Trump's win proved true in politics, the cannabis industry, too, is riddled with white men in power—even if they aren't the ones who deserve all the credit. Women—from researchers studying the benefits of cannabis over opiates, to award-winning chefs cooking up the most delicious edibles on the planet, to those who are facing massive jail time for activism and legalization efforts—are the true heroes of the cannabis industry, and it’s time to recognize that. To celebrate women in weed, we spoke to 15 of the most powerful and influential women in the business:

1. Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, Master Herbalist

lakisha jenkins

2. Rachel K. Gillette, Attorney

rachel gillette

3. Lynne Lyman, California State Director for the Drug Policy Alliance

Lynne Lyman

4. Charlo Greene, Founder of Alaska Cannabis Club

Charlo Greene

5. Jessica Peters, President of Moxie Meds

jessica peters

6. Laura Harris, Executive Director of Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Laura Harris

7. Tahira Rehmatullah, Consultant

Tahira Rehmatullah

8. Jaime Lewis, Owner and founder of Mountain Medicine

Jaime Lewis

9. Mary Jane Gibson, Culture Editor for HIGH TIMES

mary jane gibson

10. Treat Yourself Co-Founders Cindy and Leone

treat yourself founders

11. Jane West, CEO of Jane West

Jane West

12. Jazmin Hupp, Co-founder of Women Grow

Jazmin Hupp

13. Amy Poinsett, co-founder and CEO of MJ Freeway

Amy Poinsett

14. Amanda Reiman, Researcher

amanda reiman

15. Emily Paxhia, Founding Partner and Managing Director of Poseidon Asset Management

emily paxhia

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