Atlanta Mayor Agrees to Sit-Down With Black Lives Matter Leaders

After days of protests, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed agrees to a meeting with leaders of Black Lives Matter.

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After several days of huge and occasionally tense protests over police violence, Atlanta activists won a concession from Mayor Kasim Reed and Police Chief George Turner, when the two agreed early Tuesday morning to a two-hour meeting with Black Lives Matter leaders.

The meeting will not happen immediately, however. Instead, it will take place on Monday, July 18, after what Reed is calling a "cooling off period."

The decision to schedule the meeting came after a 45-minute meeting between Reed,  Turner, and protest leaders late Monday night in front of the Governor's Mansion.

Hundreds of protesters were gathered there, and were making plans to stay all night if necessary. The crowd demanded to hear from Reed and Turner (the Governor, Nathan Deal, is currently out of town on a trade mission to Germany). 

Reaction to news of the upcoming meeting was extremely positive among protesters and other supporters of the movement against police violence. You can see reaction both on-site and remotely in the tweets below.


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