Trump Kids' Appeal to Millennials Becomes Laughingstock on Twitter

Trump memes win the internet after new ad attempts to appeal to millennials.

Trump Kids Memes

Trump Kids

Trump Kids Memes

Donald Trump's attempt to reach millennial voters with his own childrens' faces has backfired in a most spectacular (and hilarious) fashion. Yesterday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out a photo of himself and his two oldest siblings in order to appeal to the younger voter base. The Internet heard his call and responded with a resounding thud from its intended audience, many of whom said the photo looked more like a horror movie promo than a call to voters.

The image features all three of Trump's eldest children staring seemingly dead-eyed into the camera. Eric, the youngest, hovers ominously in back. The photo included the hashtags #millennialsfortrump and #studentsfortrump. "This is not a Republican vs Democrat election," the photo read. "This is about an insider versus an outsider."

Twitter responded hilariously. Seth Myers tweeted out:

Hughes Johnson said:

According to Pat Tobin: 

Emily Nussbaum hit the nail on the head:

Many people pointed out the likenesses the Trump clan bears to unpopular historical figures and the actors who played them:

And let's not forget the American Psycho likeness! Yikes.

Or this:

Some referenced more modern movies:

Others just cracked everyone up:

The Trump campaign has yet to respond to the memes.

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