Noted Racist Donald Trump Did an Indian Accent at a Delaware Rally

His rant at a rally in Delaware comes as no surprise.

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A racist spoilt billionaire running to be President of the United States decided to be—you guessed it—racist. First off, this really comes off as no surprise, considering this is a man who retweeted a photo posted by a Neo Nazi. At a rally in Delaware on Friday, the Republican front runner was talking about call centers being located in India. Then he decided to drop an Indian accent.

Wearing his signature $25 red Make America Great Again dad cap, Trump started talking like he was a '90s comedian filming a standup special, asking the crowd, "Did you ever call up on your credit card? You wanna find out about your credit card," assuming his supporters are oblivious enough to believe he sorts his own life out. The pointless story ended with him supposedly asking the call center working where they're from, to which "they" responded (in a terrible and racist Indian accent), "We are from India." How original, well done.

Need we remind you that this is a man whose clothing line is manufactured entirely in Mexico, a country he constantly bashes for supposedly "stealing American jobs". In fact, the stupidity runs so deep that even a third grader managed to own the hell out of him and his ill-conceived immigration policy with flawless delivery.

Watch above at your own risk.

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