Nigerian Government Place Ban On Use Of Foreign Models, Voice-Over Artists In Adverts

The Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has banned the use of foreign models and voice-over artists in advertisements produced in the country.


Image via Getty/Shaun Botterill


The Advertising Regulatory Council Of Nigeria (ARCON) has banned the use of foreign models and voice-over artists in advertisements made in the West African country, The Voicereports.

The move—which will take effect from October 1—follows the Federal Government’s pledge that promises to develop local talent, drive inclusive economic growth, and promote the advertising industry in Nigeria.

“All advertisements, advertising, and marketing communications materials targeted or exposed on the Nigerian advertising space are to use only Nigerian models and voice-over artists,” the Council stated. “Advertisers, advertisement agencies, media houses, advertising community and the general public are hereby enjoined to take note.”

Announcing the ban earlier this week, Dr. Olalekan Foladapo, ARCON’s director general, explained that the policy would not affect ongoing advertising campaigns, saying they would be permitted to run out their terms. He added that “subsequent applications for revalidation for continued exposure of such materials will not be granted by the Advertising Standards Panel.”

Under the new law, organisations giving awards to corporations or individuals will now have to write to ARCON to establish the basis and process of arriving at the awards.

As per local media reports, Nigeria’s President—Muhammadu Buhari—approved a bill that gives ARCON the responsibility of pushing the talents of Nigeria’s media professionals in marketing, communication services, and advertising.

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