Sorry, Dad: Rudy Giuliani's Daughter Is Endorsing Hillary, Not Trump

Rudy Giuliani's daughter confirmed she's voting for Hillary Clinton this November.

Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton

Caroline Giuliani, the daughter of Trump surrogate and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, piqued the interest of political bloggers when a Facebook page with her name on it began posting pro-Clinton images in September, including a not-so-subtle blue manicure with the words "WHO RUN THE WORLD" and a depiction of Clinton in a pantsuit.

As it turns out, Giuliani family dinners are about to get heated this holiday season, because Politico contacted Giuliani and confirmed the page belongs to her. Politico is reporting that Caroline is endorsing Clinton this election season:

Reached at her Los Angeles office, Caroline Giuliani confirmed the page was hers. "I love Hillary, I think she's by far the most qualified candidate that we've had in a long while," she told Politico. "My dad knows. I was for Barack in 2012. He knows and is fully comfortable with it and thinks I have a right to my opinion." She declined to comment about her father's support for Trump.

Another of Giuliani's Facebook posts features a Huffington Post article called "I Wrote That I Despised Hillary Clinton. Today, I Want To Publicly Take It Back" with a caption that reads she's "been pro-Hillary all along," adding that those who swallow their ego and switch from endorsing Trump to endorsing Clinton "are the ones with the power to save our country at this point." She is also using Clinton's campaign logo as her profile picture. 

Caroline  isn't alone in breaking with her father's endorsement of Trump. The former mayor's onetime press secretary, Matt Higgins, has also endorsed Clinton for president. 

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