Clinton Leaves 9/11 Memorial Ceremony Early After Feeling "Overheated" (UPDATE)

Clinton appeared wobbly while leaving a memorial service for 9/11 victims on Sunday after feeling "overheated."

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UPDATED, 10:51 p.m. ET: Clinton won't be traveling next week after being diagnosed with pneumonia, according to the Washington Post's national political reporter Abby Phillip.

See original story below.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton left the Ground Zero memorial service for 9/11's 15th anniversary after an hour and a half on Sunday after feeling "overheated," according to spokesperson Nick Merrill. She then recuperated at her daughter Chelsea's Manhattan apartment and appeared to be feeling well while departing.

But her wobbly exit from the service—which you can watch below—sparked reports that she had fainted, that she was "thrown into the van like a sack of meat," and that she had a "medical episode."

Clinton's doctor examined her and concluded that she was suffering from dehydration and allergies.

It echoes weeks of attempts by the Trump campaign to paint the candidate as generally unwell and without the stamina to hold the office of president. Clinton has no record of serious medical issues in recent years (aside from having a blood clot behind her left ear, which she sustained after a fall, treated in 2012), but that hasn't stopped Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson from claiming on national television that Clinton suffers from a neurological condition that impedes her ability to communicate and understand language.

Clinton was criticized for not informing her traveling press pool of where she was going after the service, though Trump didn't bring any press with him to the event at all.

As ThinkProgress's Laurel Raymond pointed out this morning, fainting isn't exactly an unprecedented occurrence for politicians—both George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush fainted while holding the office.

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