Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow Reps NYC to the Fullest in ‘On The Edge’

In our latest series, the designer and pants aficionado talks growing up in Jackson Heights, hip-hop, and the mystical powers of a positive attitude.

Dao-Yi Chow reps New York City to the fullest. As one half of the anti-prep, sharply tailored sportswear brand Public School—alongside co-founder Maxwell Osborn—Chow has made it his brand’s mission to marry the high and the low, an effort that Chow calls an homage to the manic nature of New York City. His collaborations with Osborn have formed the bedrock of a new vision in men’s fashion, a creative energy which stems from his love of the collaborative nature of hip-hop. Bouncing ideas back and forth, akin to a producer and MC, Dao-Yi and Osborn keep their rap sessions flowing effortlessly in Dropbox Paper.

We caught up with the designer in his Garment District studio to talk about growing up in Jackson Heights, the obvious advantages of being a genuinely nice person, and the three P’s to success.

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