Burglar Does Yoga Before Getting Caught for Stealing Croissants From a Bakery, Video Shows

The woman also made off with a pair of shoes and an iPad from the bakery.

Person in a dark suit and boots slips and falls on a sidewalk at night
(Image via @phillippasbakery/Instagram)
Person in a dark suit and boots slips and falls on a sidewalk at night

A woman in Australia was filmed doing a yoga and stretching exercise in front of a bakery right before the crime was committed inside the shop.

The incident, which occurred earlier this month, was no ordinary break-in. A woman, dressed entirely in black, was captured on the bakery's surveillance camera, engaging in an unexpected yoga and stretching routine. After her warm-up, she allegedly broke into the bakery around 3 a.m., making off with a variety of items, including croissants. 

The bakery, in an Instagram post, expressed its shock at the audacious break-in. It even found humor in the situation, suggesting that the croissants might have enticed the woman into the crime.

"We were quite surprised when we saw the security footage from a recent break in at our Bakery HQ," Phillippas Bakery wrote in its caption. "Seems like yoga is a must before breaking in 😵. A few things were stolen including some croissants which were clearly too tempting for this flexible burglar 🥐😆."

According to 9 News, the woman made off with a peculiar assortment of items from the bakery, including croissants, a pair of shoes, an iPad, and cleaning products. The outlet also reported that she was charged with theft, burglary, and going equipped to steal, and was subsequently released on bail. She is set to appear in Melbourne Magistrates' Court in May.

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