The 10 Best Road Trips to Take in Canada This Fall

From the Cabot Trail to the Gaspé Peninsula, here are some getaways you can embark on right in Canada's backyard.

sea to sky highway british columbia

The Sea to Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler/Image via Getty/Christopher Morris/Corbis

sea to sky highway british columbia

So COVID-19 ruined your summer vacation plans. And with case numbers back on the rise across Canada (and around the world) you likely won't want to board that flight to Marseille any time soon. We'd be cheesed, too, but look: just because you had the shittiest summer of your life doesn't mean you can't still salvage the fall by traveling to beauteous locales within this country's borders. Like that dude from Steppenwolf once said, head out on the highway! Road trips are fun, exhilarating even, and a reminder that you don’t have to wait in a long-ass TSA lineup to have the perfect vacay. Besides, the government has been encouraging us to discover "our own backyard" for a minute now.

Whether you’re looking for the best fall foliage, a quaint city getaway or just someplace far, far away from other people, we got you. These are Complex Canada's 10 best road trips you can take in Canada this fall. Just remember to stock up on masks, Lysol wipes, and toilet paper before you leave.

Halifax to Cabot Trail

Yukon to Northwest Territories

Montreal to Gaspé Peninsula

Vancouver to Whistler

Calgary to Lake Louise

Ottawa to Quebec City

Toronto to Georgian Bay

Toronto to Muskoka

Brandon to Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Victoria to Tofino

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