California Woman's Wallet Returned 46 Years After She Lost It

A California woman was reunited with her wallet 46 years after she lost it. An employee who was remodeling a historic movie theater happened upon the wallet.


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46 years after losing her wallet in a Ventura, California movie theater, Colleen Distin was finally reunited with it.

Distin was just in her 20s in 19875 while out to see a movie at the Majestic Ventura Theater when she lost her wallet. Inside the wallet was a handful of family photos and a $200 check. “I remember calling the next day when I realized it was gone,” Distin told the Ventura County Star. “They said no one found it but to call back, which I did.” 46 years later, an employee, who was remodeling the historic theater, happened upon it in a crawl space. “I would never have imagined,” said the employee Tom Stevens. The wallet, unfortunately, had no money in it, but it did have an old Grateful Dead ticket from 1973, along with an expired driver's license. The family photos also remained intact, so Stevens took to social media to track down the owner.

“Does anyone know Colleen Distin?” He wrote on the theater’s Facebook page. “While doing some maintenance we have found her wallet. There are a bunch of pictures of people, and they are super cool from that era also. Someone may want them. So if you are, or if you know Colleen, drop us a line and we will have it here for you!”

“It’s very emotional,” Distin said of being reunited with the long-lost wallet. “It kind of caught me off guard. You start seeing things and you go back into your past. It’s like a time capsule.”

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