One Finger Selfie Challenge Is the New NSFW Challenge That's Sweeping the Internet

Inspired by anime, women are taking nude selfies while covering their private parts with one finger in the new One Finger Selfie Challenge.

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At this point, selfies are an inescapable part of life for most people with a smart phone. But now, with inspiration from anime, internet users are taking the standard selfie to a whole new level with the One Finger Selfie Challenge. 

According to a video from YouTuber Aimee Davison (which you can watch above), the new selfie challenge was inspired by Sky-FreeDom, a Japanese anime artist.

According to the Daily Dot, the artist has drawn pictures of an anime woman taking a selfie with her shorts pulled down and her shirt pulled up. Standing in front of a mirror, the anime character covers her private parts by simply using one finger (and its reflection in the mirror). 

Basically, as Davison put it, to participate in the One Finger Selfie Challenge, "You censor yourself with a single digit." That's it. 

But it might not be so easy on your first try—you have to position yourself and the mirror in a way that your one single finger covers both your upper and lower privates. 

Granted, many people still prefer to draw the challenge rather than participate themselves:

But some people are actually going through with the One Finger Selfie Challenge:

And one woman who participated put her own twist on the challenge—for her, the one finger was used for "Hiding the zits rather than the tits."

What do you think? Are you gonna give it a try?

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