Want to Charge Your iPhone 7 While Listening to Music? It'll Cost You $49

To charge your iPhone 7 while listening to music you'll need a $49 Lightning Dock or $159 AirPods.

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Apple's new iPhone 7 won't have a headphone jack, and people aren't happy about it. The new phone does come with an adapter for headphones that can be plugged into the Lightning charging port. But if you're charging your phone, you can't use the adapter. Or you can use wireless headphones, which also have to be charged and cost $159. So if you want to listen to music while charging your straight-out-of-the-box iPhone 7, you're out of luck. But if you're willing to drop 50 bucks though, you can get around the limitation.

Apple, more business-oriented than "courageous," is offering a Lightning Dock for $49, which will include a headphone jack along with a charging port, so you can jam while charging—you know, like you used to be able to do by default.

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The dock is available in black, gray, silver, gold, and "rose gold." The product page says you can plug the dock into an electrical outlet for charging, or you can connect the dock to a computer with a USB cable so you can both sync and charge your phone at the same time. The page also claims putting your iPhone in the dock can help you "enjoy clear audio during speakerphone calls." 

So for those of us who like to listen to music while charging our phones, we're not totally screwed. At least as long as we're willing to pony up some additional money. 

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