The Internet Reacts To Canadian Tiktoker Who Compares Toronto To "Gotham City"

She claimed to have felt more safe in Asia where she visited cities like Seoul.

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A woman from Toronto is going viral on the internet after she posted a TikTok video explaining how she feels unsafe in Toronto in comparison to other cities she recently visited in Asia.

Chloe Bow, the woman in question, spoke about her time in cities like Seoul, where she felt safe, and contrasted it with her living experience in Toronto.

"Tell me why I feel unsafe as a woman in [Toronto] at least three times a day, and I barely leave my condo," Bow said in her video. "I got on the subway the other day and the first thing I hear is some guy scream, 'You fucking c***' to God knows who. I'm, 'not today, Satan' and I immediately get off because I'm not gonna sit there and worry about being stabbed or screamed at by some irate man."

The video garnered over 73,000 views but also made its way to Twitter, where many people chimed in with their thoughts on the matter.

One user downplayed her experience and said Bow had been complaining about people suffering from mental health crises in the city.

Twitter: @westcoastwinter

Someone else quote tweeted the aforementioned post and explained why they dropped out of social work school a year ago because many students acted the way Bow, who stopped being a social worker, did.

Twitter: @bartleby_era

Several users latched onto Bow's claim that she rarely leaves her condo and said her fear comes from the fact that she lacks a connection to the outside world.

Twitter: @raynefq

Twitter: @amil

Someone else said that people should be investing in their friendships and communities more.

Twitter: @melinskers

In the replies, one user explained the discrepancy between social workers' working environments and the privileged backgrounds that most people have when entering the field.

Twitter: @jalapennyo

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