Thieves Steal Extremely Rare Ferrari From Parking Garage

The theft allegedly took place on July 23 when the owners were away on vacation.

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Last week, a security video from a parking garage in Mississauga, Ontario, showed thieves allegedly stealing a Ferrari from a couple that lived in the associated building.

The 2017 Ferrari GTB 488 carbon, which was apparently only one of 10 that were ever made available, had sentimental value to the owner, according to CTV News.

“It’s very unfortunate," the woman told CTV News. "My husband is extremely upset because it's his first Ferrari. But we hope we can find it."

She added that the car was worth approximately $480,000. They left the vehicle in the parking garage of the apartment building they lived in while they were away on vacation.

CTV News then got a hold of the parking garage's security footage which shows a car entering the building via an opened gate which then led to the occupants finding the Ferrari and promptly stealing it in just under four minutes.

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“For some reason, [the gate] was wide open and they drove right in… Normally [security] has to call up to the resident to say, ‘are you expecting a visitor?’ We never got a phone call,” the woman said.

“It was so quick the way it happened, it was almost like they knew exactly where to go. Like, had they been watching my husband drive the car and pull it up into the parking lot?”

The theft allegedly took place on July 23, but the couple only reported it stolen on July 31 when they returned home from their trip.

While it is difficult to find stolen vehicles, the woman said the car boasted a custom license plate that read "MR WEALTH."

“It's not really about the car itself. It's just that we can't go out and get another one. And my husband looked for this car for five years, and finally found it and we'll never get it again,” she concluded. “We want the car back. Like absolutely, we want the car back.”

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