Loblaw President Galen Weston Got A Raise After Being Considered "Underpaid"

After consultants deemed Loblaws president and chairman Galen Weston was underpaid in 2021, he received a 55 per cent raise the following year.

Loblaws president Galen Weston

Loblaws president Galen Weston

Loblaws president Galen Weston

After consultants deemed Loblaw president and chairman Galen Weston was “underpaid” in 2021, he received a 55 per cent raise the following year.

According to CBC News, Weston’s salary jumped from $5.4 million to $8.4 million in a year’s time.

When Twitter users got a hold of the news that Weston was called “underpaid,” they had some thoughts, especially considering the rising price of groceries in Canada.

One user took it upon themselves to photoshop Weston’s shirt in the ad he filmed for the No Name brand.

Another person said a 55 per cent raise would bring them over the poverty line.

@CBCNews If I were to get a 55% raise I could drag myself above the poverty line.

Podcast host Ryan Lindley tweeted that Weston’s yearly raise equalled the same amount the Daily Bread Food Bank needs to run on a monthly basis.

Galen Weston just got a yearly raise that equals the same amount the Daily Bread Food Bank needs to operate per month. It's not inflation. It's greed.

Journalist Elizabeth Renzetti compared Weston’s salary to public support workers who, on average, make less than $50,000 per year.

If the average personal support worker makes 48k a year that means Galen Weston does the work of 233 PSWs every year. Which seems unlikely!

And back to the jokes, one Twitter user kindly asked to borrow the consultants Loblaw used.

@CBCNews May I borrow said consultants?

It got grim for one person who claimed to be an employee of Loblaw. They hoped that, given Weston’s raise, the company could pay for the 13-week time off they gave him after he suffered a heart attack.

Maybe they can afford to pay me for the 13 weeks holidays they got me for when I left after having a heart attack.

Finally, someone posted Weston’s net worth to compare to his yearly income.

Fuck Galen Weston Jr, the @LoblawsON board, and the rest of the greedy ass million/billionaires. STOP MAKING HIM RICHER.

Loblaw earned over half a billion dollars in profit last quarter.

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