Black Widow Spider Found Moving In Package Of Grapes In Viral Video: "French Fries Would Never"

The TikTok video showing the spider has been viewed over 500,000 times.

Christophe Simon / AFP via Getty Images

A Toronto grocery shopper is going viral for a video showing a black widow spider crawling in a package of green President's Choice grapes.

The video circulating on TikTok with the caption "Black Widow Spider in Grapes" has hit over 500,000 views and counting since being posted 24 hours ago.

"My manager found this black widow spider yesterday in her green grapes, downtown Toronto. Everyone please look at your produce, wash your produce, this is scary," said original poster said.

The comments were all over the place, with some saying they would never buy grapes again to others saying it's a pretty common occurence when it comes to fresh produce.

"Ever had a banana spider on your bananas? They are BIGGER," said one commenter.

“Used to find them all the time at Sobeys,” another person said. “They come in the grapes, is what it is.”

One more astute commenter observed: "French fries would never."

The largest population of black widow spiders in Canada is found in Ontario. And even though they have a reputation for being dangerous, they're considered mostly harmless if left alone, according to experts.

"They're not aggressive; they're a very timid spider," said one expert interviewed by CTV. "Once they find a place that's comfortable for them, they make a little web and stay put. It's when you disturb them that there's a small chance that they might bite."

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