Internet Sensation and Mexican Weatherwoman Has Another Must-Watch Viral Hit

Mexican weatherwoman Yanet Garcia is out here with another viral, must-see video.

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When we last saw Yanet Garcia, it was in sheer amazement of how well her workout plan has been going. She'd already been setting circles of the internet that are dedicated to gorgeous females (read: most of the internet) ablaze for just being "that hot Mexican weatherwoman," so it makes sense that her latest viral hit is just that: her being hot in front of a camera.

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It all started with a simple thirst trap of Yanet in a red one-piece situation on the 'gram, alerting followers to hit her YouTube page for the full monty.


Like, that's it. There's nothing more than delicate EDM beats and Yanet exploding the hearts of any hetero man with a connection to the internet. As per usual, the thirst is out, and it's real (and kind of creepy).

@IamYanetGarcia Love You!😍
@IamYanetGarcia Hi Yanet, not sure if anyone has ever told you this but you have a nice butt. Will you be on my Beyblade team?
@IamYanetGarcia @YouTube very nice vid.. if u need a camera man I can do that for u:) #amazing

You get the idea. Her wave might make you want to fly to Mexico just to see her on the television on the regular, but thanks to the internet, you don't have to switch your country to stay updated on gems like Yanet.

My Lord.

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