Yahoo's Major Screwup Turns Into Hilarious Black Twitter Trending Topic

Yahoo royally screwed up on Twitter, but their fail turned into a major win for Black Twitter.

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While Wendy's Twitter account has been straight roasting fools in the new year, Yahoo Finance's Twitter account has been catching digital hands (and feet) for what appears to be the first major social media flub from a brand in 2017.

So this is the Yahoo Finance headline that launched 30,000 tweets from Black Twitter...

Now, this is an honest enough mistake... right? I can't imagine Yahoo Finance was trying to get super bold with some ultra-racism the fifth day into 2017. And when I look at my own keyboard, you can see that the "B" key is right next to the "N" key. We've all had our share of typos, and while they should've done some extra proof-reading over this tweet before hitting "send," this doesn't feel like it was flagrant. They even apologized for the major, MAJOR fuck-up.

We deleted an earlier tweet due to a spelling error. We apologize for the mistake.

Sadly (for them), it was too little, too late, as Twitter went absolutely buck on them for that tweet. It was hilarious, with joke after joke after joke being tweeted and cried at for a good chunk of the night. Yahoo Finance's screwup turned into comedy GOLD for Black Twitter.

When the U.S.S. All Lives Matter sinking #NiggerNavy

Fam, the term "S.S. Deadass" was trending!

S.S. Deadass is trending. I'm crying laughing.

As were the terms "Black Twitter" and "U.S.S. Hennessy," which is a riot.

Black twitter, S. S. deadass, USS Hennessy, and yahoo finance all trending. I live this app

Things just got out of hand, and it was vanglorious.

General : KNUCK #NiggerNavy : IF U BUCK
General: QUATER BRICK!#NiggerNavy: HALF A BRICK!

General: WHOLE BRICK!#NiggerNavy: AYE!
"On my mama, on my hood...."
Is we in the ocean or is we in the water #NiggerNavy

Now, there were a number of non-African American people who got pissed off about Black Twitter going ham, saying people were being racist and the like. Those people need to have a couple of seats. It's one thing to do some ridiculously fucked up shit like kidnapping someone and screaming "fuck white people" on Facebook Live. It's a completely different situation when an outlet drops a terrible tweet and the people who should be offended by it turn it into a hilarious trending topic, sending up their own culture. Hell, #NiggerNavy wouldn't even have been a thing if it wasn't for Yahoo Finance's social media person (who should have gotten a strict talking to and/or worse) over what is probably one of the worst flubs in its history. Learn the difference, and let us cook.

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