Ohio Mom Receives 51-Year Sentence for Exchanging Sex With 11-Year-Old Daughter for Heroin

An Ohio mom received a 51-year sentence for trading sex with her underage daughter for heroin.

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There are terrible parents and then there’s this Ohio woman who trafficked her 11-year-old daughter for heroin.

April Corcoran received a sentence of 51 years to life after selling her young daughter to her drug dealer in exchange for heroin. The 30-year-old was convicted of 27 felonies including human trafficking, endangering the welfare of a child, complicity for rape, and drug corruption.

"She didn’t have the cash or the means to buy her heroin anymore from her drug dealer, so she offered up her child," prosecutor Katherine Pridemore said during a press conference, according to the New York Daily News. "We all know drugs make you do things but at the same time, to offer up your child and you are the mother, it's unfathomable."

Her co-defendant, 42-year-old Shandell Willingham, is facing 26 felony counts including rape and human trafficking after he reportedly taped the illegal acts which took place in March 2015 in his apartment. According to CBS News, he forced her to perform the sexual acts against her will and made her take small doses of heroin. He is due in court on August 25.

The two join a laundry list of child offenders this year including the teacher who admitted to having sex with her underage students and blamed her parents, and the registered sex offender caught playing Pokémon Go with kids.

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