Florida Man Finds a Bullet Lodged in His Testicle After Wife Shoots Him For Cheating

This is nuts.

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When it comes to Florida, anything can happen. Whether it’s a stripper performing for a bunch of children or an alligator turning up at a school after class or a massive cocaine shipment washing up on a beach, there’s no shortage of interesting events coming out of the Sunshine State.

Such was the case when a 60-year-old woman shot her husband in the leg for cheating. According to ClickOrlando, Victoria Reid was taken into custody on Wednesday for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault.

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office says Reid confronted her husband over an alleged affair. She ordered her partner of 16 years to sit on the couch and threatened to maim him. She supposedly said she’d also give him post-traumatic stress disorder, which she was also apparently dealing with but authorities have not specified what event triggered that.

After threatening to shoot him in the face and chest and kill him, police say she shot him in the leg instead. The bullet traveled up his thigh and settled into one of his testicles. The man’s condition is currently unknown but we’re pretty sure he won’t be the same after this.

Florida, man. 

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