Trump's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Drew a Comically Small Crowd and Everyone Noticed

Sean Spicer about to come out and claim it was the biggest crowd anywhere, ever.

The crowd at Trump's christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Image via Twitter/@SteveRudinABC7

The crowd at Trump's christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Jan. 20, 2017, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, was a momentous day for the American people. It was the beginning of what feels like five centuries’ worth of bitter political battles and a mountain of controversial, sometimes offensive policies and statements from the new administration. But that day is also memorable for the laughably sad crowd size at Trump’s inauguration parade and swearing in ceremony. It was visible from all photos and from all angles that people simply did not show up to support Trump. Who among you was surprised?

What was surprising was Trump’s then–Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, claiming the crowd was “the largest audience to witness an inauguration. Period!” during the first White House press conference ever. That provably false statement was alarming because it demonstrated just how blatantly the administration would be willing to lie, but it was also a great excuse to rip on Trump and those running his government for being incompetent idiots. It marked the beginning of “alternative facts” and the beginning of a very long year indeed.

On Thursday night we were gifted with yet another example of such a moment. Trump and his wife Melania participated in the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree outside of the White House. It was the 95th time this has happened, but tradition alone did not seem to be enough of a reason to draw out crowds.

The National Tree Lighting ceremony was beautiful this evening - but hard not to notice the empty seats. #Christmas #DMV #USA
Traditionally the White House Christmas tree lighting is standing room only. This is what it looked like tonight as President Trump spoke.
inauguration ceremony.
inauguration parade.
christmas tree lighting.
i'm sensing a theme with donald trump events.

It’s a pretty sad looking crowd, to be totally honest. Next, people started comparing photos from one of the times when Barack Obama lit up the tree, and, well, it’s pretty predictable just how different the two crowds were.

On the left: @BarackObama’s National Tree Lighting
On the right: @realDonaldTrump’s National Tree Lighting #Christmas

Twitter went all the way in on this one. The trolling was relentless, and although a tree lighting ceremony is hardly a politically important moment, many took it as an opportunity to poke at the president’s famously fragile ego.

The crowd for the National Christmas Tree lighting by Trump looks about the same size as for his inauguration.
When asked to describe the crowd size at this year's White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
Trump is obsessed with crowd sizes. His tree lighting ceremony was a bust! Retweet!! It will destroy his fragile and oversized ego!! RT!
Based on all the empty seats at the National Tree Lighting, it seems Trump tried to make good on his promise to bring Christmas back to Washington and Christmas said “no thanks”.
I'd stop tweeting about the NFL not filling stadiums @realDonaldTrump when you can hardly fill any seats for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

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