'Random Man in Atlanta’: TikToker's Wild Story About Absentee Baby Daddy Goes Viral

Morgan Bailey has used her platform to call out the father of her young daughter. The dad is now trying to clear his name.

The “random man in Atlanta” saga is one of the messiest stories you'll ever hear. It started with one woman exposing the father of their baby daugher on social media for being a dead beat dad and the man defending his reputation, but it lead to another half dozen women exposing the man and claiming they also had children with him.

It all started when TikTok user Morgan Bailey went viral this year for exposing the father of her infant daughter Gianna. Bailey shared multiple videos in which she provided an inside look at her single parent life and discussed some of the drama involving her absentee baby daddy. The mother claims her ex-partner—whom she simply refers to as “random man in Atlanta”—abandoned her just a month after she gave birth and has done little to support their child.

Morgan’s story not only garnered a lot of sympathy, it also attracted an impressive TikTok following—so much so that she decided to create merch emblazoned with the phrase: “From a Random Man in Atlanta.”

Gianna’s father apparently caught wind of Morgan’s content and began trying to clear his name on social media. As pointed out by the Moguldom Nation, JaQuan Sanka recently came forward as the father of Morgan’s child, and admitted to having at least six other kids with different women. The ATL resident insisted, however, that Morgan’s deadbeat-dad narrative was completely false.

Sanka used his TikTok account (@hometownhero1995_) to share photos of him and Gianna spending time together, as well as “I miss u” messages purportedly sent from Morgan. 

Twitter: @LizzieAdoresRay

TikToker @twilaamoure fired back at JaQuan and explained how his defense was misleading. She called out the screengrabs of CashApp transactions that suggested he had sent Morgan $16,000; however, @twilaamoure pointed to various text messages that showed JaQuan was in possession of Morgan’s CashApp card. The same TikToker also addressed a 2022 news article about Sanka and how he saved an elderly woman from a “tragic fall.” The man reshared the story on his account along with the hashtags #randommaninatlanta and #knowthetruth.

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“Then this man posted a screenshot of this story about when he apparently saved an elderly white woman,” the TikToker said. “I guess to speak to his character, but that don’t matter ’cause you really left your child for dead. … Random man in Atlanta is not having a good day. This man is clearly spiraling…I just want to remind y’all again, like I said in my first video, that Morgan never said his name. She never told us who this man was. He willingly came into the spotlight and now he’s getting mad at us? At her?”

As Morgan’s story circulated on social media, a number of other women have come forward claiming to be mothers of JaQuan's kids. Morgan addressed the developments in a TikTok video addressed to Queen Bey.

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“Something tells me that Beyoncé’s in the studio right now working her tail-end off trying to make this six-baby mama song inspired by me,” Morgan said in a TikTok. “What Beyoncé doesn’t know—and what’s very important for Beyoncé to know—is that I just got a phone call from baby mama ‘I don’t even know.’ First time hearing about her ever today. She came with the receipts and the proof."

She continued, "And I am not the first baby mom, I am not the second baby mom; Beyoncé, I’m not the third baby mom, I’m not the fourth baby mom, I’m not the fifth baby mom. Beyoncé, I am not even the sixth baby mom. Beyoncé, make sure you tell these folks I’m the seventh baby mom. … And remind these folks in that song to take they goddamn birth control.”

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