Man Seen Hurdling Starbucks Counter at Target to Steal Pink Stanley Cups

The incident went down shortly after Starbucks released the limited edition Quenchers.

The limited edition pink Stanley Quencher has caused the first consumerist frenzy of 2024.

The highly coveted product was released on Wednesday, Jan. 3 at select Starbucks stores inside Target locations. The cup was a collaborative design between Stanley and the coffee house giant, and was presented in the “Winter Pink” colorway for Valentine’s Day. Since its arrival, the $49.95 item has become the subject of many news stories and viral videos, which highlighted the extreme lengths people went to in pursuit of the reusable cup. Many customers spent hours waiting in line; some camped out in a Target parking lot; others got into tense altercations; and at least one man risked catching a case.

The latter incident was captured in a TikTok video by user Yuli.anax, who was waiting in line for the pink cup when all hell broke loose. As pointed out by TMZ, the TikToker was standing inside a Target and filmed a minor argument between two other patrons. In the middle of the exchange, another man decided to jump over the Starbucks counter and grabbed a box of the Stanley Quenchers.

“Whoa! Whoa!” the user is heard shouting. “They just tried to grab it. Look at them, they’re trying to steal. You guys, this is insane.”

Another video shows the man making his way toward the exit while other customers tried to stop him. One woman pushes back against the man and tells him, “You’re gonna get in trouble.” The thief ignores the warnings and continues on his way before another individual manages to tackle him and take the box away. The video then shows the assailant leaving Target with one cup in his hand. 

It’s unclear if the man has been hit with any charges.

The video was reminiscent of another viral moment that went down in a Las Vegas courtroom this week. On Wednesday, 30-year-old defendant Deobra Redden attacked Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus during a sentencing hearing. A now-viral video showed the man jump over the bench and attack Holthus before a marshal managed to pull him off. The judge reportedly sustained injuries but was not hospitalized.

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