Video Shows Australian Man Getting Into 6-Minute Fight With Kangaroo Outside His Home

A man in Australia was involved in a six-minute fight with a kangaroo in his backyard after he stepped in when he saw it was messing with his dogs.

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A man in Australia was involved in a six-minute wrestling match with a kangaroo last week and the epic altercation was captured on video. 

Cliff Des was at his home when he heard his dogs barking and looked to see what the commotion was about, only to find a six-foot-tall kangaroo “trying to rip my little dogs out of the yard.” Des initially tried to shoo away the unwanted guest, but the kangaroo responded by standing up on its back feet and chasing after him. 

“I started running into my yard and next thing you know I’ve slipped over and it’s jumped on my back,” he recalled in his Today Show Australia interview. It is around this moment that the footage begins. As his dogs were barking from a safe distance, Des found a nearby stick during the tussle and delivered three blows before it “snapped like a carrot.” 

Des, a former boxing trainer, was taken to the ground by the kangaroo and the two were engaged in a wrestling match that lasted for a few minutes. “He gouged me on the top of me head, he bit me finger, he shredded me down the arm a bit and he gored me in the back of the leg,” he said. Des was eventually able to flee, but not without the kangaroo once again trying to chase him down. 

Des still cannot understand why such a usually mild-mannered animal would act that way, but he suspects it may have something to do with the Phalaris grass in his yard. 

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