Police Investigating After Car Owners in Atlanta Report That Thieves Drilled Holes in Their Tank to Steal Gas

Several people in Atlanta have complained about someone drilling a hole in the tank of their car, and stealing gas amid surging prices across the country.

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WSB-TV reports several people in Atlanta have complained about suddenly discovering that they were completely out of gas, even after filling up their tank not too long ago. 

These car owners would later find out that someone drilled holes in the tank, and used a bucket to collect the precious gas, leaving them with nothing but a hefty bill to pay for the damages. “I’ve got almost $2,000 worth of damages, not just in the gas tank, but also damage the fuel pump, which is a pretty big issue,” one person said.

Another person claimed to spot an individual on their Ring home doorbell camera getting into a silver SUV with what appeared to be a gas can in their hands. That homeowner later found out that they had also fallen victim to the gas bandit. These instances have occurred in four different neighborhoods in the Atlanta area. 

While police say they are investigating the matter, this behavior is most likely in response to the surging gas prices across the United States. Even though Georgia isn’t getting hit as hard as California where the average price of gas is nearing $5 per gallon, AAA reports the national average price for a gallon has soared by 11 cents to $3.72 over the last few days, per USA Today.  

The rising prices are a byproduct of the sanctions levied against Russia over the country’s invasion of Ukraine, De Haan of Gas Buddy told USA Today. These sanctions have limited Russia’s ability to sell crude oil, which has resulted in rising prices. President Joe Biden tried to assure the country last month that he will “do everything in my power to limit the pain the American people are feeling at the gas pump.” The plan by the U.S. and its allies to release tens of millions of barrels of oil from reserves might not be enough to fix the situation. 

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