Man Says NYPD Shut Down Birthday Party on Private Property, Claims Officer Called Him N-Word During Arrest

Two men provided a detailed account of their arrest at the hands of the overly aggressive NYPD, who were breaking up a family BBQ party on private property.

A New York Police Department (NYPD) car is viewed in Times Square.

Image via Getty/Spencer Platt

A New York Police Department (NYPD) car is viewed in Times Square.

Husan Blue, 30, was arrested Thursday, after a number of overly aggressive New York Police Department officers broke up a party in Brooklyn that was being held on private property, Buzzfeed News reports.

Blue attended a gathering of about 30 to 50 people for his father Greg, who turned 57 earlier in the week, in the courtyard of the apartment building that his family has lived in for over 40 years. When dozens of police cars arrived around midnight, Blue said he had a feeling that these officers had one thing in mind. 

"They came with intentions to basically fuck us up," Blue told Buzzfeed News. "It wasn’t like, 'Hey guys, it’s past curfew, time to wrap up.' They came batons out, helmets on, ready for war."

Blue said that when he tried to intervene after one of the officers pushed his mother to the floor, he was taken down, and slammed on his right shoulder, which had undergone arthroscopic surgery last Sunday. 

"When they were attacking my mother, I got in between them and next thing I know, my arm is behind my back, I'm slammed to the floor, and the same arm that I’m trying to hold up now, they slammed me on it," he recalled. 

Blue also suffered a severely sprained wrist that is now wrapped in a cast, as well as clearly visible marks on his wrists from the zip ties that were used in his arrest. 

Blue shared a cell the night of his arrest with his friend Samuel Gifford. Both men claim that the officers whispered the N-word to them while they were on the ground. "We were called n*ggers, in our ears, when we were on the floor," Gifford said. "They don’t say it out loud, they whisper in your ear while they’ve got you on the floor." Blue added, "And it makes you want to wiggle."

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