Here's All the Madness That Occurred on Black Friday

People were nice and respectful in America during Black Friday this year. Man, who are we kidding?

Black Friday UK
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Shoppers pass a promotional sign for 'Black Friday' sales discounts on Oxford Street in London, on November 24, 2017. Black Friday is a sales offer originating from the US where retailers slash prices on the day after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Black Friday UK

The fact that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving is incredibly ironic. One day after people are showing gratitude and saying what they are grateful for, those same individuals transition into "screw your feelings" mode, and would literally snatch a toy from a child or stomp over the person closest to them, if need be. Here are the best/worst videos from this year's Black Friday. 

The kid who ends up receiving this toy car will hear about this story for the rest of their life. "Yeah, yeah, it's cool that you graduated from Harvard at the top of your class, but what about the time I fought off three dudes for that toy car you rode around in for, like, a solid year before it just collected dust in the garage?" 

Good news: She won the one-on-one battle for the TV. Bad news: She isn't keeping the TV now that the cops stepped in. 

Here is why I don’t go shopping on #BlackFriday

— Peyton Harper (@PeytonSurfGirl) November 24, 2017

After an entire day of NFL action, the guy in the green scarf turned into a football player IRL as he battled his way to the end zone, which may have been that nearby table. It's a shame that the person filming this guy didn't add some commentary, like "at the 10, the 5..." 

So, you're saying this isn't a scene from the next big disaster film, and just a bunch of people trying to get a great deal on a vacuum? 

This woman is really trying to come up with a rational argument as the poor guy is on the floor writhing in pain. SMH. 

This fist fight at an Alabama mall has been making the rounds. The incident led to multiple arrests, as well as the mall's closure. But is it too soon to talk about the person's terrible, terrible video quality? 

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