People Are Having a Field Day With #BrooklynBBQ Thanks to This Viral Struggle Plate

Vice Muchies tweeted a photo of less-than-appetizing barbecue from a Brooklyn restaurant, and now the neighborhood's BBQ scene is getting roasted on Twitter.

bbq sign

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bbq sign

Brooklyn's hip barbecue scene is currently getting bombed on Twitter after a plate from a popular Williamsburg restaurant went viral for the worst of reasons.

Why is Brooklyn barbecue taking over the world?

— MUNCHIES (@munchies) March 4, 2018

Vice Munchies published a story on Brooklyn's up-and-coming barbecue food scene. They tweeted a photo along with the story, however they failed to make the food look remotely tempting. The viral struggle plate contained dry brisket and other unappetizing accoutrements from the popular hipster eatery Fette Sau. Certain people who noticed the overcooked meat and flavorless side dishes, clearly made by someone with a handlebar mustache, wondered how this could be possibly coined "the barbecue taking over the world."

This is THE saddest tray of BBQ I have ever seen. Also, Brooklyn BBQ is NOT now, nor ever, taking over the world.

— Jim Bob Breazeale (@jbbreazeale) March 4, 2018

Needless to say this depiction of "good" barbecue sparked tons of memes and jokes about #BrooklynBBQ that sent Twitter into a frenzy.

If you live in Brooklyn I think you owe the entire country an apology for that Brooklyn BBQ story.

— Tom Fornelli (@TomFornelli) March 4, 2018

The picture of Brooklyn BBQ....I have one question and one thought:

1. Are those fucking Kings Hawaiian buns?
2. That meat is gray. It makes my teeth hurt looking at how difficult it must be to chew.

— hmmmmm (@wesheartsyou) March 4, 2018

This is what a BBQ plate should look like.

— George Merritt (@gsm1060) March 4, 2018

I had to look up more pics of that Brooklyn bbq place that is going around lol...

— DJ Heat (@DJHeatDC) March 4, 2018

Others instead offered to show Munchies their take on what real barbecue looks like, compliments of Texas, Tennessee and other states known for their mastery of smoked meats.

To be fair, the Brooklyn barbecue shade seems to be the result of a bad photo more than anything else. If you check the receipts, the borough holds its own on many "best of" barbecue lists. Food & Wine Magazine included New York City among its list of best cities for barbecue. Fette Sau in particular was praised within that list for their house made dry-rubbed pork belly. Hometown Bar-B-Que in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn landed on Thrillist's 33 best bbq joints in the country, and was also named Complex's sister site First We Feast as a favorite among pit masters.

Still, the jokes don't become any less fun with this in mind. Here's one more for the road:


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