Hennessy Pedicures Trend in Atlanta Shocks the Liquor Brand: 'We Hope Not?!'

The cognac company was not feeling the idea of their drinks being used for pedicures at a spa in Atlanta's Bankhead area.

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A spa in Atlanta has caught the attention of Hennessy's social media account over the use of their cognac for pedicures.

On Wednesday, the official Hennessy account on X reacted to a viral clip of a woman visiting Buckhead Signature Nails in the Buckhead Station mall and getting a "fancy experience" that included Henessy being poured on their feet.

"Atlanta, have you ever had a back massage or a mobile bar with signature drinks and snacks while getting a pedicure?" the woman asked in the clip. The "signature" refreshments in question were Doritos, Welch's Fruit Snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

She continued, "I have a unique experience for you here at Buckhead Signature Nails. They have the 24-karat gold pedicure, where they actually put the gold on your feet and it feels amazing. They give back massages, they have the jelly pedi here, and I highly recommend this unique experience here. It is like no other. They are one of the biggest nail shops in Atlanta."

But viewers couldn't help but replay the moment where Hennessy was poured into the water during the woman's 24K gold pedicure. It didn't only get a side eye from most of social media, but Hennessy, too.

So we doing Hennessy pedicures now? 🤦🏾‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/DUFmxH6ebB

— Chef Jaaion (@ChefJaaion) March 6, 2024
Twitter: @ChefJaaion

"We hope not?!" the brand responded to a user on Twitter that shared the original clip. Hennessy then followed up with a clip from 2010 Tyler Perry film Why Did I Get Married Too?, with the character of Patricia Agnew (played by Janet Jackson) telling her friends to "fix it."


— Hennessy (@Hennessy) March 6, 2024
Twitter: @Hennessy

Others were in disbelief and immediately shut down the trend before other nail salons caught on.

Atlanta tried to make “Hennessy Pedicures” a thing and the brand said ENOUGH. https://t.co/SGKHTvIwCE

— Petty Slimane (@LilAioli) March 6, 2024
Twitter: @LilAioli

Hennessy stopping all shipments to Atlanta https://t.co/FuJfSM60qG pic.twitter.com/0ULiDYL0cL

— Jason Payne (@Grapplnpolymath) March 6, 2024
Twitter: @Grapplnpolymath

Please don’t let this be Atlanta.
Please don’t let this be Atlanta.
Please don’t let this be Atlanta.
Please don’t let this be Atlanta.
Please don’t let this be Atlanta. https://t.co/8xgdfquAxr

— NICK LOVE (@NickLoveATL) March 6, 2024
Twitter: @NickLoveATL

There is absolutely no benefit to gold leaf on your legs or henny in your pedicure bath 😒 free my people of the nonsense pls https://t.co/NUI39otBrH

— Rum & Roti (@ambrenlynn) March 6, 2024
Twitter: @ambrenlynn

Although Hennessy has deep roots in the Black community – even Megan Thee Stallion is a fan–the trend is probably one that shouldn't continue.

The history of Hennessy + the Black community. I had no idea 🤣😭 pic.twitter.com/RBOEUz0Kuf

— STVN (@scjr___) March 6, 2024
Twitter: @scjr___

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