Woman Allegedly Bites Her Boyfriend’s Thumb Off in Front of Children

A woman involved in a heated domestic dispute allegedly bit off a chunk of her boyfriend's thumb.

Stock photo of a bandaged thumb.

Image via Getty/Monty Rakusen

Stock photo of a bandaged thumb.

A Pasco County, Florida woman has been accused of biting off a piece of a man's thumb before dropping it on the ground while several children looked on, according to WFLA. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office state the suspect is 39-year-old Yesenia Casiano.

As you may have guessed this alleged encounter didn't end with a bite, as Casiano is also accused of hitting the man (who has been identified as her boyfriend) a number of times with open and closed fists. She also reportedly kicked him in the gut. The child witnesses said that they saw the act and also witnessed a piece of the formerly intact thumb on the ground, which they pointed out to police when they arrived.

Deputies say that Casiano and her boyfriend had one child in common, and that they also lived together. An additional (though unspecific) amount of children who witnessed the domestic dispute are believed to be from a previous relationship.

The man was taken to a hospital while Casiano is said to have taken off before cops could get to the scene. She has since been charged with domestic aggravated battery resulting in serious injuries.

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