Snapchat's New Snap Map Feature Is Going to Ruin Your Life

Should you leave it on "Ghost Mode"? Probably.

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Last weekSnapchat introduced "Snap Map," a tool that's probably not very handy, but allows you to share your exact location with friends. Not only can this create strife in your personal life but also, for reasons that are likely obvious, this has some parents and child safety advocates on edge. The YouTube video that the app company rolled out to introduce the feature (and which can be seen above) has nearly 1.5 million views and 8,223 thumbs down votes to 4,478 thumbs ups. That's a really shitty ratio, and seems to be indicative of the popularity of the new feature. After all, how many people have social lives where they just choose from nearby friends to drop in on unannounced without eventually pissing those friends off immensely?

If Snap Inc. was looking to make up ground on Instagram, this is probably not the way to do it. Those who were upset with the social media platform took to a different social media platform to express their dissatisfaction, which ranged mild to severe, though most seem to be joking:

There was also some defenders of the new feature (at least, we think they're defending it). It starts with someone asking those complaining to "shut the fuck up," which overall is excellent advice for most people on Twitter:

Ghost mode's there if you need it.

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