Police Bust Warehouse Converted Into Strip Club and Illegal Bar Posing as Charity Event

Police located both of these establishments on Instagram. A total of 6 arrests were made, nearly 50 citations were issued, and around 25 juveniles were present.

A Miami Beach police car sits outside the headquarters of CONCACAF

Image via Getty/Joe Skipper

A Miami Beach police car sits outside the headquarters of CONCACAF

Multiple people were arrest in Miami for allegedly violating safety regulations by hosting illegal bars and gatherings, the local CBS affiliate reports

The first batch of arrests took place on Friday at a warehouse that was converted into a strip club. Per reports, the building was outfitted with a stage, stripper pole, and a bar. Police became aware of the establishment due to the suspects promoting parties at the address via Instagram. Authorities then witnessed people unloading alcohol, DJ equipment, balloons, and other party supplies at the building. After around 10:00 p.m., the police entered the warehouse. 

"The defendants, patrons and nude dancers were observed consuming alcoholic beverages and sitting at tables consistent with the advertised gathering," the police report read. 

Police also found nine women in a room undressing who insisted that they were "only here to dance for the party and haven’t gotten paid yet." 

Gerald Silvene, Bernie Jadotte, and Christopher Bentley were the three suspects arrested for organizing this gathering. They were all charged with curfew violations for disobeying County Emergency Order 27-20, as well as health and safety violations. There were also 31 civil citations issued.

Along with this illegal strip club, Miami police also busted a fully functioning bar that was posing as a "backpack giveaway." Police say that a business named Lowkeys Hookah Lounge & Eats was claiming to be hosting a charity event but in reality, it was charging $10 admission and selling alcohol. 

Like the other establishment, police located the suspects through Instagram. Christopher Tate Joseph Stevens, and Anne Bordenave were arrested and charged with curfew violations. Also, there were 25 juveniles at the bar who were released to the care of their parents. 17 civil citations were issued.  

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