2 Topless Women Arrested for Protesting, Trump Booed at His Own Polling Place

People are going all out to protest Donald Trump on Election Day, including two topless women in NYC who were arrested.

Donald Trump at the second presidential debate.
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Donald Trump at the second presidential debate.

All of the tension, stress, and anger over the more than yearlong election season is coming to a head as people go to the polls to vote today, and some people are choosing to protest up to the bitter end. In particular, two women staged a topless protest inside Donald Trump's polling place in New York, and others waiting in line to vote booed Trump both when he arrived and left to cast his vote.

People reports that the two women arrived to the polling place shortly after 8 a.m. and walked past security before taking their tops off and chanting in protest of Trump's sexual assault chit chat with Billy Bush. The two women were taken out of the polling place in less than a minute, according to TIME, and were arrested.

One of the women painted "Hate Out" on her chest, and another painted "Trump, grab your balls," on her torso. Both of the women also painted "Femen USA" on their backs, referring to the global organization of women activists who are famous for their topless protests.

But the two women who were arrested were not the only ones who showed up to Trump's polling place to protest him. Crowds gathered to wait in line and relentlessly booed Trump on his way in and out of the polls. 

Trump getting booed as he doubtlessly cast a vote for himself made more than a few people a bit giddy: 

And there's still several more hours of voting left to go.

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