President Obama Wants Everyone to 'Wait and See' How Trump Does in Office

Barack Obama says everyone should "wait and see" how Trump does as president.

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Millions of Americans have, for months, expressed sincere fear, anger, and worry about what will happen to the country when Donald Trump takes office in January. Despite concerns over foreign policy, immigrant rights, and civil rights, President Obama is asking the public to "wait and see" how Trump does once he and his team take over the White House.

The president was in Lima, Peru for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit where he gave an international press conference. Addressing Trump's impending descent on the White House, Obama told reporters, 

The president-elect now has to put together a team and put forward specifics about how he intends to govern. And he hasn’t had a full opportunity to do that yet. So people should take a wait and see approach in how much his policy proposals once in the White House, once he is sworn in, matches up with the rhetoric of his campaign.

The president insisted that once the Republican president-elect is in office, "reality will for him to adjust how he approaches many of these issues. That’s just the way this office works."

While Obama was in Peru for the Summit, Trump tweeted that he was spending his weekend working to complete appointments to his cabinet, and also sent out a series of tweets criticizing the cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton for addressing vice president-elect Mike Pence who attended the show on Friday.

So far, Trump's White House team that Obama referenced in Lima, includes an attorney general who was once denied a federal judgeship because of his history of racism, and a chief strategist who helped bring alt-right white nationalist ideology into the mainstream. 

But we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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