Pennsylvania School Investigating Racist Fake 'Hunting License'

A Pennsylvania high school has taken disciplinary action against student who posted a racist fake hunting license.

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A high school in Pennsylvania is looking into a Snapchat photo that spread among students in the district of a racist and fake hunting license. The fake license uses the n-word, and is a clearly racist and violent message that made its rounds with Highland High School students before coming to the attention of school authorities. 

In a letter written to the school's families, the school's leadership called "these types of actions are totally unacceptable" adding that they "will not be tolerated." A portion of the lengthy letter signed by the schools principals and the dean of students reads:

There are many things in our society that can threaten the culture we are trying to build, including the proliferation of and condoning of views that are offensive, derogatory, or threatening to other individuals or groups of individuals. Our kids are far too important to allow these views to be tolerated in our schools, and we take any kind of expression of prejudiced views regarding race, religion, socioeconomic status, or other traits as serious attempts to derail our community.

The student who posted the image on Snapchat has not been identified to the public, but CBS Pittsburgh reports that disciplinary action was taken against the student. The student is no longer at the school, but it's not known if the student was suspended or expelled. 

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