Eric Trump Breaks Law by Tweeting Ballot Pic on Election Day

Eric Trump took an illegal picture of his ballot on Election Day and Twitter won't let him off the hook.

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Election Day is finally upon us, and after over a year of exhausting, bombastic political rhetoric that has left millions of Americans fearing for their lives, Donald Trump's son Eric participated in some casual law-breaking at the ballot box when he voted for dear old dad this morning. Eric Trump clearly didn't check out the voting laws where he lived, and went right ahead and tweeted his completed New York ballot: a misdemeanor crime.

Eric Trump tweet

The younger Trump's tweet was removed quickly after it was posted, proving yet again that nobody in the Trump line should be permitted to manage their own social media. In the now-deleted evidence of a crime/tweet, Eric Trump wrote, "It is an incredible honor to vote for my father! He will do such a great job for the U.S.A! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain" accompanied by an American flag emoji (of course), and a photo of his completed ballot.

Evidently still wanting to have some photographic evidence of his voting day fun, Trump also retweeted (legally captured) photos of himself and his wife Lara Trump outside the polls.

Not unlike his dad, Eric Trump really should have done some more homework on current U.S. laws and general election policies before today. 

Eric Trump gonna Eric Trump
Good morning everyone including Eric trump who can go to jail for up to a year for posting this
lol @EricTrump just broke NY state law and posted a photo of his filled out ballot but he deleted his tweet. too bad the internet is forever
So @EricTrump disqualified his vote for his own damn father because he posted a picture of his ballot

@logrinodraws imagine voting for your dad theN FUCKING UP THAT BADLY
Eric trump posted his vote online... so which of the trumps are allowed to tweet from their phone now? We're at least down 2...
Eric Trump broke the law by posting a photo of his ballot.

He also can't stay in the line which bothers me more.
So @EricTrump committed a misdemeanor by posting a photo of his filled out ballot? I hope he gets charged. #RockTheVote
reminder: posting a photo of your marked ballot or a ballot selfie is illegal in most states. it's still illegal even if you're @EricTrump 😂

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